PCR & Amplification reagents

A wide range of polymerases, kits and accessories for PCR, RT-PCR, qPCR, and related amplification technologies are supplied from NEB and Eurogentec. These products may be used for various downstream applications e.g. cloning, sequencing, diagnostics etc.




NEB offers a wide range of polymerases for both routine PCR and ultra high-fidelity PCR. We recommend OneTaq® for robust routine PCR and Q5® High Fidelity DNA Polymerase for robust, ultra high-fidelity PCR (> 100 X Taq fidelity). Both product lines have been developed to withstand a variety of complex templates with high AT or GC content. The three enzymes are available as core kits and master mixes with or without Hot Start that do not require a separate activation step.


NEB also offers the polymerase-based LAMP method and various related kits. LAMP is an isothermal amplification method designed to detect a target nucleic acid without requiring sophisticated equipment. LAMP provides high sensitivity reactions and can be performed in as little as 5–10 minutes with limited resources like a water bath for incubation and detection of results by eye, or with real-time measurement and high-throughput instruments. Detection of RNA targets is accomplished by simple addition of a reverse transcriptase to the LAMP reaction, with RT-LAMP performed as a true one-step, isothermal workflow.


In addition, NEB provides PCR related products for the following applications:

• NEBNext master mixer specifically designed for Next Generation Sequencing

• RT-PCR and cDNA synthesis

• Amplification of whole genome

• Special PCR

• Polymerases for DNA manipulation

• Site Directed Mutagenesis


Eurogentec offers qPCR kits for SYBR® and probe analyzes, which are adapted to most qPCR machines. The name of the Eurogentec´s qPCR mix was inspired by the particle Tachyon which is faster than light. Takyon kits for probe and SYBR® Assays are designed to provide high sensitivity and accurate reproducible results, by unique compositions of optimized buffer and new and efficient enzyme.


Eurogentec also provides oligonucleotides, as primers and probes with numerous dye labeling and modifications as well as various scales, purifications, and QC, to be applied for many special applications.


As a special assistance Eurogentec offers Dispensing service, where a ready mead solution of primers, probes and PCR master mix are premixed and dispensed according to your internal design / SOP (specified concentration, sequences, volume, number of rx etc.). Eurogentec produces a batch in the format you choose (e.g. 96- or 384-well tray, 8-12 tube strips, tubes). You just add your template.