Cloning, DNA assembly and mutagenesis are applied for many applications such as recombinant protein expression and functional analyzes.



BioNordika provides the best-in-class reagents to fit every cloning project from several suppliers, including NEB, Clontech and Origene For traditional cloning, NEB offers restriction enzymes and a broad panel of modifying enzymes e.g. rapid blunting, de-phosphorylation kits, and ligases for multiple applications from NEB.


If you want to use a kit that enables seamless assembly without the use of restriction enzymes, we recommend NEBuilder Gibson and Golden Gate assembly from NEB.


For your cloning projects NEB also offers mutagenesis kits from NEB: Q5® Site-Directed Mutagenesis Kit and from Clontech: Diversify PCR Random Mutagenesis Kit for sequence mutations. 



A broad panel of multiple purpose cloning vectors, expression vectors and cDNA clones are provided by NEB, Clontech and Origene.

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