Multiplex tandem PCR

AusDiagnostics is a market leading company in developing and commercializing CE-IVD multiplex tandem PCR (MT-PCR) panels for molecular diagnostics of human pathogens and resistance genes. The MT-PCR panels can be run using the automated MT-Plex systems, each consisting of a liquid handling robot, MT-Processor, and thermal cycler, MT-Analyzer. Human genetics and veterinary panels are also provided.

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AusDiagnostics has ISO13485 certification and complies with IVD requirements.

Key features of AusDiagnostics MT-Plex system and panels:

    • Very wide range of different panels.  All can be run on same equipment.
    • Highly automated (about 11 minutes hands-on time per run).
    • Very easy to use - junior staff can operate and provide final results.
    • No reagents to make up – everything is provided in ready-to-use format.
    • Flexible workflow and sample numbers.
    • Cost effective – each panel can detect 6-25 targets per sample
    • No contamination risk – all reactions take place in sealed environments and the automated MT-Plex system includes decontamination procedures (bleach cleaning and UV lamp for cleaning and preventing cross contamination)
    • LIMS-compatible software