FISH probes

FISH probes are available from Cytocell, that has been a significant provider of FISH probes for more than 20 years.

Cytocell  is owned by Oxford Gene Technology (OGT), which is a leading provider of innovative genetics research solutions comprising CytoSure™ microarray products and SureSeq™ next generation sequencing (NGS) products.

Cytocell also offers myProbes® Custom FISH Probes which is a completely quality-assured FISH probe design service.



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Cytocell FISH probes cover subtelomeric and pericentromeric regions, cryptic chromosome deletions, whole chromosome staining and prenatal analysis. They also offer a range of products for oncology, especially in hematological and pathological applications, presenting a comprehensive range of FISH probes for the modern pathologist to assist in cancer diagnosis and prognosis.


The probes are offered as Aquarious range or Multiprobe Range. Aquarious range probes are directly labelled and supplied in hybridization solution, as either ready to use, or need simple dilution with additional hybridization solution, conveniently supplied in the kit. Multiprobe Range kits include FISH probe to be hybridized on the same slide in a spatially separated manner allowing rapid screening of a patient sample for several DNA sequences in a single FISH analysis.