Crystallography screening kits and tools

From crystallographers to crystallographers. Molecular Dimensions and NeXtal are leading suppliers of crystallization screens, reagents, other consumables and instrumentations for structure determination by crystallization and cryo-crystallization.

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Molecular Dimensions is a world-leading supplier of innovative screens, reagents, other consumables, and instrumentation for protein structure determination by X-ray crystallography. 

Try Morpheus, the 96-condition protein crystallization screen with original chemistry incorporating a range of low molecular weight ligands found ordered in more than 33000 PDB structures. Developed and utilized in the world-renowned Laboratory of Molecular Biology, (Cambridge, UK) - Morpheus® carries on the tradition of being original and dynamic. This unique screen aims to unlock novel chemical space previously inaccessible using conventional screens.

Or JCSG-plus™ that is designed for the rapid, efficient screening for crystallization leads of a new protein or preparation. Its conditions are compatible with all commonly used crystallisation methods, sitting drop, hanging drop, sandwich drop, microbatch, vapour microbatch and microdialysis.