Detergents and lipids

Anatrace is an internationally recognized leader in manufacturing reagents for membrane protein structural biology. Their scientists are committed to developing and manufacturing high-purity detergents and synthetic lipids.

Choose detergents from Anatrace for stabilizing membrane proteins during crystallization or lipids for improving membrane protein folding and refolding.

Anatrace detergents are available in two different purities: Anagrade with >99% purity and Sol-Grade >95% pure. For maltosides, the purity also refers to the amount of alpha isomer (linkage between the sugars in the disaccharide). Anagrade maltosides contain <2% alpha anomer and Sol-Grade matlosides <5% alpha anomer. 

Anatrace detergents are divided into following groups:

  1. Maltosides - maltose derived detergents
  2. Glucosides - glucose derived detergents
  3. NG Class - modeled from the most popular alkyl glycoside detergents
  4. Amine Oxides
  5. CYMALs
  6. HEGAs & Megas
  7. Thioglucosides & Thiomaltosides
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