Chromatography columns

Whether you are looking for affinity, size exclusion or ion exchange chromatography columns, Protein Arks offers high quality columns with competitive prices that are compatible with common chromatography systems such as AKTA and Bio-Rad’s NGC systems. No adaptors required. Furthermore, they are compatible with a wide range of reducing agents, detergents and other buffer additives.



The affinity columns are available with Ni-NTA, Ni Advance (EDTA and DTT-resistant up to 20 mM), Co-NTA, Glu Sepharose, Heparin, Ion Exchange S & Q, NoEndo & Protein A & G resins.

The ProteoSEC size exclusion columns utilize a high-performance rigid resin derived from a co-polymer of dextran and agarose, available in three different column sizes: 11/30, 16/60 and 26/60 columns with Superdex™ S75 pg and Superdex™ S200 pg behaviour. All ProteoSEC columns are available in dynamic version, meaning that they come with removable end caps, allowing end-users to remove the end cap and replace any dirty resin easily.