Size selection

The Pippin instrument family from our recognized supplier Sage Sciences facilitates the library generation process for the most popular NGS platforms and is specifically recommended by Illumina and Ion Torrent.



The instruments efficiently collect DNA or RNA fragments in accordance with specified lengths with a very high precision and selectivity. The fragment collection is flexible, as it is possible to isolate different fragment length distributions. The needed fragment sizes or size ranges are predefined and the desired fragment fractions are collected in buffer without risk of cross-contamination.


Electrophoresis separation takes place in prefabricated disposable Pippin agarose gel cassettes.


DNA/RNA fragment length determination is achieved by detection of molecular markers in a dedicated path or internally in the sample path, and this is used to assemble the desired fragments based on the values ​​entered by the user. Each sample path is physically separated to eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination of the sample and has a branched configuration with three electrodes. DNA is separated along a gel column until the programmed fragment area reaches the branch point. The instrument then replaces the active electrode to divert DNA into a membrane-bound buffer chamber. When the size range is combined, the active electrode is switched back to the separation channel. The desired sample is removed with a standard pipette.


Three types of Pippin instruments are accessible from Sage Sciences:

  • Pippin Prep for DNA size determination and collection of fragments from 90 bp to 1.5 Kb
  • BluePippin - pulsating version for determination and collection of 50 bp to 50 Kb DNA
  • PippinHT High Throughout version