Shearing technologies

Exceptional shearing and sonication of biological samples for any field of study are offered by Diagenode that has developed the industry’s most advanced water bath sonicators and hydrodynamic devices. The Diagenode instruments are ideal for several applications in various fields of studies including environmental research, toxicology, genomics and epigenomics, cancer research, stem cells and development, neuroscience, clinical applications, agriculture, and many more.


The following instrument models of sonication/shearing devices are accessible from Diagenode to match your exact needs for your application:


The Bioruptor®, a highly-controlled ultrasonic energy with ACT (Adaptive Cavitation Technology), non-contact, parallel-processing and -isothermal technology, achieving optimal fragment sizes between 150bp-1kb which is ideal for chromatin shearing for chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP), genomic DNA shearing for next generation sequencing, and RNA shearing. In addition, the Bioruptor is perfect for cell and tissue disruption, protein processing for mass spectrometry, and much more.


The Bioruptor is available in two models:

- Bioruptor Plus designed for protein processing for mass spectrometry, high volume cell and tissue shearing, ChIP-qPCR etc.

- Bioruptor Pico for ChIP-seq and NGS

- The One®, a unique desktop sonication device perfect for optimal small volume DNA shearing for NGS in the 150bp - 1kb range.

- The Megaruptor®, a hydrodynamic shearing instrument for DNA shearing between 3kb - 100kb represents the best shearing device for the tightest distribution of long DNA fragments for applications such as long fragment sequencing.

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