NGS sample prep & target enrichment

NEBNext® reagents from New England Biolabs (NEB) are a series of highly pure reagents that enable sample preparation of DNA or RNA for downstream applications such as NGS library construction. These robust reagents are available in kits, master mix kits and modules, and undergo rigorous quality controls and functionality validation, ensuring maximum yield, quality, efficiency, and value (maximum library yield, diversity, and minimum bias).


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The NEBNext Kits include reagents for entire library preparation workflows. However, the individual kit modules providing reagents for the individual steps in the different workflows, are also available. These may be combined to cover the entire library prep workflows, or to be used in conjunction with other reagents, thus enabling a customized workflow for your specific needs.


Each set of reagents is functionally validated together by building a library from an approved DNA or RNA reference sample, which is then sequenced on the appropriate platform. When a new batch of reagents is introduced into a kit, the kit is validated by library construction and sequencing.


NEBNext reagents are available for sample preparation for Illumina®, 454™, SOLiD™ and Ion Torrent™ sequencing platforms in several formats, including reagent kits, master mix kits and modules.


NEBNext products are available for a wide range of sample types and applications: DNA, RNA, Small RNA, ChIP DNA, FFPE DNA and Microbiome DNA, for steps throughout the sample preparation workflow, from upstream enrichment to final library quantitation.


Adaptors and primers are supplied separately from the NEBNext kits (as NEBNext Oligos modules), allowing for increased flexibility.


SPRIselect® beads are provided as an optional component of our latest NEBNext Ultra™ II DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina. NGS related products provided by NEB are listed below: 


  • Library Quant Kit for Illumina
  • Targeted Enrichment
  • Custom Ready Panels
  • Genotyping Solution
  • Enzymatic Methyl-sequencing
  • Q5U Master Mix
  • RNA Depletion Kits