Competent cells


BioNordika provides competent cells for both cloning and protein expression and are happy to help you find the right cells for your use.


NEB offers competent cells in the subcategories:


  • Cloning Competent Cell Strains – High efficiency competent cell strains, that are T1 phage resistant and are endA deficient for high quality plasmid preparations and free of animal products.
  • E. coli Expression Strains - several strains with varying levels of expression control, each with T1 phage resistance and extremely high transformation efficiencies.
  • Yeast Expression Strains  - chemically competent Kluyveromyces lactis cells and variants of this strain that have been tailored for specific protein expression needs. These cells are suitable for transformation with any of our linearized pKLAC series expression vectors.




Clontech also offers competent cells and yeast cells:


  • Competent cell strains: Stellar competent cells for cloning with high transformation efficiency and BMH 71-18 mutS, used with the Transformer Site-Directed Mutagenesis Kit.
  • Yest expression strains: eY187 and Y2HGold Yeast Strains – to be used with Clontech's Matchmaker Gold Yeast Two-Hybrid System.
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