Nucleic Acid Purification

Extraction and purification of nucleic acids is required for a variety of downstream molecular biology applications. Kits enabling quick and easy purification of high-quality RNA and DNA extraction are accessible from several suppliers.


NEB offers the Monarch product series of column-based kits for plasmid purification, DNA cleanup, gel extraction, genomic DNA, RNA cleanup and total RNA extraction and purification. This Monarch product series has been designed with sustainability in mind.


Eurogentec provides kits for genomic DNA purification from blood, tissue, plant seed and leaves in just 12 min., to be applied for PCR/qPCR. Moreover, they provide SmartPure Total RNA kit for purification of RNA from tissue, cells, and bacteria in 30-40 min and SmartPure Virus RNA kit, optimized for virus-RNA from tissue, cells, and blood.

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