New suppliers AdipoGen Life Sciences

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New suppliers AdipoGen Life Sciences


AdipoGen offers innovative and high-quality products at affordable prices

We are delighted to present AdipoGen as our new supplier. 

AdipoGen produces their own kits, antibodies, proteins, and small molecules (biochemicals). In addition, AdipoGen sources excellent reagents through close collaborations with expert advisors, research institutes and academic laboratories. Their dedicated scientific team searches daily through scientific publications and attends major conferences to identify and translate new ideas and opportunities into innovative and exciting research reagents. AdipoGen focuses on specific areas of the life sciences market around Inflammation & Immune Response. These scientific areas include inflammasomes, innate immunity, B & T cells immune regulation, neuroinflammation, obesity, immuno-oncology and COVID-19 research.  


Explore AdipoGen product range for different focus areas here:  

 COVID-19 Insights: Reagents for SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 Research 
  •  Blocking human ACE2 antibody 
  •  Soluble recombinant human ACE2  protein, produced in mammalian cells (HEK 293) 
  •  Recombinant SARS-CoV-2 RBD Domain 
  •  ACE2 (human) ELISA Kit 
  •  SARS-CoV-2 Neutralizing Antibodies Detection Kit 
  •  Small Molecule SARS-CoV-2 Infection Inhibitors/Modulators 


Inflammasome Research - From Innate to Adaptive Immunit
  • Caspase-1 Detection 
  • Standard Antibodies 
  • Signaling Chart 
  • Priming 
  • Microtubule Assembly 
  • Inhibitors/Activators 
  • Flagellin


Immunometabolism Research - Focus Cell Metabolism & NAD+ Metabolism 

Immunometabolism is a research field that provides new insights into the dynamic cross-talk between the immune system (immunity) and metabolic processes of an organism (metabolism).  AdipoGen Life Sciences offer a broad range of Cell Metabolism and NAD+ Metabolism Reagents: 


  • Small Molecules Modulators of Glycolysis, TCA Cycle, Fatty Acid Oxidation, Fatty Acid Synthesis Pathway, Amino Acid Pathways 
  • Inhibitors of IDO1 and Nampt 
  • Biologically active enzymes: Human Arginase I / Human IDO1 Enzyme / Mouse Nampt 



Immune Checkpoint Reagents: Focus on T Cells 

Cancer immunotherapy (also called immuno-oncology) is the artificial stimulation of the immune system to treat cancer, improving on the system's natural ability to fight cancer. Immune checkpoints are regulators of the immune system. These pathways are crucial for self-tolerance, which prevents the immune system from attacking cells indiscriminately. Inhibitory checkpoint molecules, such as CTLA-4, PD-1, PD-L1 or LAG-3 are targets for cancer immunotherapy due to their potential for use in multiple types of cancers.  AdipoGen Life Sciences offers a broad panel immune checkpoint reagents, including recombinant proteins, antibodies and ELISA Kits. 



Obesity & Diabetes Research 2020 - Focus: White & Brown Fat Cells as Endocrine Tissues 
  • Adipokines / Obesity-related ELISA Kits, Antibodies & Proteins: Adiponectin, Nampt/Visfatin, RBP4, Progranulin, Vaspin, ZAG
  • IL-36 - Protective Role in Obesity 
  • IL-33 and Adipose Tissue Homeostasis: Highly Active Oxidation-resistant Proteins, IL-33 Blocking Antibody, ST2 Antibody for FACS 
  • Immunometabolism: Small Molecules Modulators 
  • Obesity & Angiogenesis: Potent ANG-2 Blocking Antibody 
  • Batokines & WAT Browning & Thermogenesis Regulators 
  • Myokines - Asprosin - IL-6 - Irisin 
  • Small Molecule Modulators: AMPK Modulators, PPAR Agonists, Leptin Sensitizers, Immunometabolism Modulators, Metabolic Research Compounds, Microbiota-related Reagent, Antidiabetic Peptides 



For further information, please contact:

Tram Nguyen 

   Product specialist  
   Tram Nguyen
   +45 31248581