Unravel once unsolvable challenges with new detergents!

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Unravel once unsolvable challenges with new detergents!


Anatrace continues to be a leader in
supplying high-purity detergents to research
facilities, academic institutions, and industrial customers.

Since the launch of the first detergent, Dodecyl Maltoside (DDM), Anatrace product offering of unique
detergents has grown into the largest in the industry.

Non-ionic amphipol (NAPol) allows for the reconstitution of membrane proteins in
a detergent-free, aqueous solution. NAPol also avoids some of the limitations with
traditional amphipols like low solubility at acidic pH and in the presence of multivalent
cations. NAPol has been shown to be compatible with biophysical and structural assays,
ncluding NMR, cell-free expression, and cryo-EM.

Biotinylated amphipols allow for the immobilization of amphipol reconstituted membrane
proteins onto solid supports, which facilitate assays such as ELISA and SPR.
Anatrace offers two versions of biotinylated amphi- pols: biotinylated amphipol A8-35,
biotinylated amphipol PMAL-C8.

Anatrace also offers a number of technical documents.
Find out how to select the grade of detergent, tips and tricks for purification of membrane
proteins, among other useful product specific documents here.

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