NEB Catalog 2021

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NEB Catalog 2021

New NEB Catalog & Technical Reference 2021/22 available. 
Order your free personal copy now!  


Make sure to pre-order your free copy of the completely updated NEB Catalog
and Technical Reference 2021/22. Get all new product information, selection guides as
well as useful tips and tricks, troubleshooting guides and other encyclopedic information
for your molecular biology needs. Make use of the brand new poster “Performance Chart
for NEB Restriction Enzymes” that accompanies the NEB catalog. The poster is already
reflecting the current switch from BSA to "animal-free" recombinant Albumin.

Experience the immersive augmented reality (AR) content of the catalog using the free NEB AR-App. 
Like all NEB catalogs and brochures, this catalog is produced carbon-neutral on certified environment-friendly paper.


   Contact Marianne Møller Brorsen to order
   your your own copy of the new catalog!