NEB Expression, Fall/Winter 2022

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NEB Expression, Fall/Winter 2022

New NEB Expression, Fall/Winter 2022 has arrived


The NEBexpressions Fall/Winter edition 2022 features:



  • Application in diagnostics and surveillance
  • LAMP Kits


RNA Capping

  • New Faustovirus Capping Enzyme



  • Q5 – 10 years of finest PCR fidelity
  • New Q5 Blood Direct 2x Master Mix
  • PCR Guidelines


Monarch DNA & RNA Purification Kits


  •  NEBNext Ultra II Reagents & kits
  •  FOCUS: NEBNext Ultra II RNA
  •  FOCUS: NEBNext RNA Depletion

Download the PDF here or contact Marianne at
mmb@bionordika for a printed version:

NEB Expression Fall/Winter 22