NEB Product update 

Introducing NEBNext UltraExpress™ FS DNA Library Prep Kit with enzymatic fragmentation / #E3340 

The NEBNext UltraExpress™ FS DNA Library Prep Kit (NEB-E3340) is the latest generation of NEBNext DNA library prep, with a fast, streamlined workflow, including enzymatic fragmentation, end prep, and dA-tailing with a single enzyme mix. In under 2 hours, the protocol enables the creation of high yield, high quality libraries. 

  • Faster workflows: DNA library prep including FS enzymatic fragmentation < 2 hours 
  • Fewer steps & less consumables waste: only a single reaction tube 
  • Wide input range: 10 – 200 ng intact DNA 
  • A single protocol for all inputs 
  • Automation compatibility: protocol designed by NEB is available on Beckman i7 

NEBNext UltraExpress is also available for pre-sheared DNA input (NEB-E3325) and RNA library prep (NEB-E3330). 



EnGen® SpRY / #M0669

The EnGen® SpRY Cas9 (#M0669) from Streptococcus pyogenes is an engineered RNA-guided DNA endonuclease that catalyzes site-specific cleavage of double-stranded DNA (dsDNA). Targeting requires an ~100 nucleotide single guide RNA (sgRNA) with complementarity to the 20 nucleotide region immediately upstream of a protospacer adjacent motif (PAM) on the dsDNA substrate. EnGen SpRY Cas9 encodes 11 point mutations designed to diminish the requirement for a PAM in vivo and, especially, in vitro.  

  • Unconstrained DNA-targeting capabilities (5’-NNN-3’ PAM) 
  • C-terminus Simian virus 40 (SV40) antigen nuclear localization signal (NLS) 
  • Increased flexibility in optimizing reaction conditions 
  • Ideal for digestion of large plasmids in cloning workflows 
  • Compatible with the EnGen sgRNA Synthesis Kit, S. pyogenes (#E3322S), EnGen 
  • Mutation Detection Kit (#E3321S), and NEBuilder HiFi DNA Assembly Master Mix 
  •  (#E2621S
  • Same sgRNA design as WT Cas9 Same tools used for sgRNA design with WT 
  • Cas9 are applicable to EnGen SpRY Cas9 

EnGen® SpRY Cas9 is available in 2 versions: 500 pmol (#M0669T) and 2500 pmol (#M0669M). 


NEBNext Enzymatic 5hmC-seq Kit 

New England Biolabs® EM-seqTM range of products are now expanded by the addition of products for E5hmC-seqTM, which enables specific detection of 5hmC sites. 5hmC is detected using a two-step enzymatic conversion workflow that minimizes damage to DNA and allows discrimination of 5hmC from both cytosine and 5mC after Illumina sequencing. E5hmC-seq data can also be subtracted from EM-seq data, allowing the determination of the precise location of individual 5mC and 5hmC sites.  

The full workflow requires the NEBNext Enzymatic 5hmC-seq Kit (E3350) plus the index primers included in the NEBNext Primers for Epigenetics products (E3392 and E3404) products. 

The NEBNext Enzymatic 5hmC-seq Conversion Module (E3365) is also available for use in applications beyond Illumina sequencing.