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HTG Molecular Diagnostics

The HTG EdgeSeq system

HTG Molecular Diagnostics develops and markets a molecular profiling technology platform that facilitates routine analysis of highly multiplexed gene expression profiling applications, including tumour profiling, molecular diagnostic, and biomarker development. The technology is applied to accelerate drug discovery, support translational applications and evaluate target biomarkers for companion diagnostics.


  • Automation solutions quickly and reliably generate gene expression profiles.
  • Multiplex hundreds or thousands of different targets in a single reaction.
  • Extraction-free – Lysis only workflow, eliminate extraction bias.
  • Compatible with wide variety of liquid and solid specimens.
  • Low sample input – 5 μm FFPE section, 15 μl of serum, plasma, urine, or CSF.
  • Simplifies NGS-based workflow- Sample to answer in 36 hours, aligned with differential expression analysis with reduced hands-on time.
  • Intuitive graphic user interface and simple data analysis.


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HTG EdgeSeq system

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HTG EdgeSeq system CE-IVD

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HTG EdgeSeq Assays

HTG multiplexed gene expression profiling panels leverage the power and sensitivity of next-generation sequencing, allowing to support both research and diagnostic objectives. The following are highlighted examples of HTG assays.

HTG EdgeSeq Oncology Biomarker Panel

  • Simultaneous, quantitative detection of 2,549 genes associated with tumor biology.

  • Tested on breast-, colon-, lung-, prostate- and other tumor tissue.


HTG EdgeSeq miRNA Whole Transcriptome assay

  • Simultaneous, quantitative detection of 2,083 human miRNA transcripts.

  • Profile circulating miRNA: obtain miRNA profiles from 15 μl of plasma or serum.



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