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FISH probes from CytoCell

High quality, reliable and easy-to-use DNA probes for fluorescence in situ hybridisation

CytoCell offers a large range of high quality, reliable and easy-to-use fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) probes, developed by scientists and optimized for detecting genetic changes in cancer and inherited diseases. CytoCell FISH probes are optimised for haematological malignancies as well as the assessment of genetic aberrations in solid tumour samples.


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Product Name


CKS1B/CDKN2C (P18) Amplification/Deletion Probe


P53 Deletion Probe


IGH/MAFB Plus Translocation, Dual Fusion Probe


IGH Plus Breakapart Probe


IGH/MYEOV Plus Translocation, Dual Fusion Probe


PDGFRB Breakapart Probe


IGH/CCND1 Plus Translocation, Dual Fusion Probe


Del (7q) Deletion Probe


Del (5q) Deletion Probe






Multiprobe system

The Multiprobe system is an extension of CytoCell’s proprietary Chromoprobe® technology, whereby DNA FISH probes are reversibly bound to the surface of a glass device. This system allows multiple (up to eight) FISH probes to be hybridised on the same slide in a spatially separated manner.

Multiprobe kits

  • CytoCell Multiprobe ALL Panel v2 for FISH (RUO)
  • CytoCell Multiprobe AML/MDS Panel for FISH (RUO)
  • CytoCell Multiprobe CLL Panel for FISH (RUO

CytoCell FAST FISH assays are designed for the rapid and accurate detection of the most common prenatal chromosomal disorders.

CytoCell Microdeletion probes

The CytoCell Microdeeltion probes are designed for the detection of some of the rarest human genetic syn- dromes.

CytoCell myProbes®

CytoCell myProbes is a custom FISH probe design and manufacture service. By working in partnership with you, we can deliver probes to meet your specific requirements. From a simple modification of an existing catalogue product to a completely new and i nnovative project, you can be confident that our expert team will design and deliver a probe you can depend on.

Porcelain Wash Jars

CytoCell also provides the very popular Porcelain Wash Jars which are made of robust, inert porcelain material which allows improved temperature stability and reduced breakages. In addition, a total of 12 slides back-to-back can
be processed at one time, allowing for high throughput slide processing.











Webinar series with Cytocell

One hour session per month, focused on the clinical aspects of each disease,
with further discussion on key genes, probes and implications in diagnostic strategies.


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