Lab Developed Tests in a ready-to-use format

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Lab Developed Tests in a ready-to-use format

PCR dispensing service - your specified format and design


Eurogentec offers a highly flexible and custom service for the preparation and delivery of your Lab Developed Tests (LDTs) in a ready-to-use format.
With this convenient dispensing service, you will receive PCR plates, strips or tubes containing a solution of primer, probes and mastermix according to your in-house design (your specified concentrations and volumes). Just add your template and spend the excess time on other important tasks.

Key advantages

  • FLEXIBILITY – frozen or lyophilized format, multiplex or simplex, IVD or research grade reagents
  • EASE TO USE – receive prefilled plates, strips or tubes. Save time, limit pipetting steps and hence, reduce contamination risks.
  • QUALITY– production in ISO8 cleanroom under highly traceable processes for simplified ISO15189 or IVDR certifications.
  • RELIABILITY – Improve result reproducibility & accuracy even in complex and small volume assays.
  • COST EFFICIENT – Reduce laboratory workload (purchasing of different reagents, pipetting), reduce waste of reagents, save investments in liquid handling robots
  • TRACEABILITY – functional QC-release report upon each delivery. Unique barcoding, batch number and shelf life on each plate/tube/strip
  • DEDICATED SUPPORT – designated project manager, technical support for assay design and optimization







Manufacturing process


With more than 30 year expertise in the supply of molecular biology reagents and services, Eurogentec can assist you from the R&D step to the supply of your routine assays.

Dedicated Project Managers and technical experts advise you for the design, the development and the production of your custom assays. All projects are handled under complete confidentiality. Upon request a non-disclosure agreement is executed during the initial stages of communication.


  1. Start - We review & analyze your project together.
  2. Specification - We define together the specifications of the project including the technical details, quality standards and supply agreement.
  3. Quotation - Based on the defined specifications, we prepare a quotation for the test batch and for the main batch.
  4. Validation - You validate Eurogentec reagents in your assays prior production of a test batch, with the full support of Eurogentec technical experts.
  5. Test batch production - The test batch is produced according to the specifications defined by you before producing the main batch.
  6.  Main batch production - Upon test batch validation and customer request, we produce the main batch.
  7. Delivery - You receive your custom assays according to your specifications.


For more information

Download our Molecular Diagnostics catalog with and overview of our products and services. 
And feel free to contact us for further information and product details.



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