Save 20% on Small size MycoAlert kit

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Save 20% on Small size MycoAlert kit


MycoAlert gives you answers in only 20 minutes! 


Contamination of cell cultures by mycoplasmas is a common problem. Mycoplasma can cause inhibition of cell growth and cell metabolism, and in most severe cases, cell death.  Lonzas MycoAlert kit detects viable mycoplasma in less than 20 minutes. A small sample of the cell culture media is used with a two-step protocol. 


Benefits of the MycoAlert assay include:

  • Convenient and fast: Results in <20 min, easy interpretation
  • Universal: Confirmed to detect 44 species, predicted to detect most common mollicute contaminators
  • Specific: No interference with bacteria, nelible interference with media components



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Mycoplasma detection


The MycoAlertTM Mycoplasma Detection Kit is a selective biochemical test that exploits the activity of mycoplasmal enzymes which are found in all six of the main mycoplasma cell culture contaminants and the vast majority of 180 mycoplasma species, but are not present in eukaryotic cells.

Viable mycoplasma in a test sample (cell supernatant) are lysed and the enzymes react with the MycoAlertTM Substrate, catalyzing the conversion of ADP to ATP. The ATP is then transferred into a light signal via the luciferaseenzyme in the MycoAlertTM Reagent. By measuring the level of ATP in a sample both before (read A) and after the addition of the MycoAlertTM Substrate (read B), a ratio can be obtained which is indicative of the presence or
absence of mycoplasma.

MycoAlert Mycoplasma detection kit


Benefit & features

  • Convenient & fast

  • Simply add two reagents to the culture supernatant

  • Perform two luminescence readings

  • Results in less than 20 min

  • Easy interpretation of results

  • Detects all common mollicute contaminations (Mycoplasma, Acholeplasma, Entomoplasma and Spiroplasma; except Ureaplasma)

  • Negligible interference with media components

Content & Storage

  • 1 x 10 mL MycoAlertTM Reagent (lyophilized)
  • 1 x 10 mL MycoAlertTM Substrate (lyophilized)
  • 1 x 20 mL MycoAlertTM Assay Buffer




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