50% off Neuro ELISA kits

created on during Q2-22

50% off Neuro ELISA kits


Highly Validated Pre-Coated ELISA

Assay Genie has launched a 50% discount promotion on hot Neuroscience targets covering the most studIed diseases such as Alzheimers, Parkinsons, ALS & other neuroinflammatory disorders.



You can choose from over 200 validated Neuro ELISA kits including Amyloid Beta 40 & 42, GFAP, a-Synuclein, MAPT, Tau & many more. These ELISA kits come with the following validation data: spike-recovery, linearity, range, CV% & standard curve.


Get 50% discount on a wide selection of Neuroscience ELISA kits from AssayGenie


Pre-coated validated ELISA kits with spike-recovery, linearity, range, CV% &  standard curve data.    

Choose from Human, Mouse, Rat, NHP, Porcine, Equine, Ovine, Canine, Camel,  Chicken, Goat, Rabbit & Guinea Pig targets.  

Ready-to-use, pre-coated 96-we11 ELISA kits with picogram sensitivity for many  analytes.  



Assay Genie now has over 100 citations for their validated ELISA kits.


Choose from a wide range of Highly Validated Pre-Coated ELISA for research. The first 10 orders will receive a super cute AssayGenie toy. Don’t wait too long! 




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ELISA kits from Assay Genie

Our valued supplier Assay Genie provides over 30.000 ELISA kits for research for a range of species including human, mouse, rat and many more. Assay Genie focuses on providing researchers with the highest quality ELISA kits, the latest targets, and new technologies that will allow researchers to push their immunology research further.



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Terms and conditions: This offer is valid until June 30th 2022 and can not be combined with other discounts.