Cytokines ELISA kits from Biomedica Immunoassays

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Cytokines ELISA kits from Biomedica Immunoassays

Save 30% on selected Cytokine ELISA Kits from Biomedica Immunoassays


Biomedica Immunoassays develops and manufactures superior quality immunoassays for pre-clinical and clinical application.
With your workflow and convenience in mind, all kits always comes with all essential assays components as well as at least one control.

All Biomedica kits are validated extensively according to FDA, EMA and ICH guidelines.
Use Biomedica’s IL-6, VEGF, Angiopoietin-2 ELISA kits for accurate and reliable results.


Features & Benefits:

  • EASY – ready to use calibrators & controls included

  • HIGH SENSITIVITY – measurable values in serum and plasma

  • HIGHLY SPECIFIC characterized recombinant epitope-mapped antibodies

  • FULL VALIDATION PACKAGE – assay is optimized for clinical samples



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