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New supplier intro campaign

Save 10% on Therapeutic Antibodies & Biosimilar ELISA kits from Assay Genie

Our new supplier, Assay Genie, provides over 25,000 ready-to-use, species-specific ELISA kits (human, mouse, rat and many more) as well as GeniePlex Multiplex Immunoassays.

The Assay Genie Therapeutic Antibody, Biosimilar & Anti-Drug Antibody (ADA) ELISA kits are a premium range of kits designed to detect free therapeutic antibodies, biosimilars and Anti-Drug Antibodies in serum & plasma samples.


Key features:

Premium Quality Validated Assays

  • Manufactured in Europe under ISO 13485 quality systems according to CE IVD standards.
  • Kits for RUO.
  • Inter and intra assay CV meet requirements for FDA & EMEA.
  • Validation, verification and lot release performed according to
  • best-in-class scientific guidelines and literature.

Quantitative & Qualitative Screening Kits

  • Quantitative ELISA kits for the measurement of the leading therapeutic antibodies & biosimilars.
  • Qualitative kits enabling the screening of deleterious ADAs.
  • Dual kits allowing for the screening of ADAs and free therapeutic antibodies.

Optimized Format & Protocol

  • Use as little as 10ul sample per well – excellent for clinical, mouse, rat & primate samples.
  • Get your results in as little as 55 minutes for some kits.
  • All kits shipped at room temperature


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Therapeutic Antibodies & Biosimilar ELISA kits from
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This offer is valid until September 30th 2021 and can not be combined with other discounts.
Use the campaign code GENIE10 when ordering. BioNordika accepts no liability for any printing errors.