QuickStep ELISA-Kits

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QuickStep ELISA-Kits

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QuickStep ELISA kits are a huge improvement to existing pre-coated ELISA technology and means scientists can save 2-3 hours per experiment as well as multiple handling steps. Even better, you only need 50ul sample and kits can be stored at 4degC for 6 months.   


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QuickStep ELISA kits | Features & Benefits

90 Minute Protocol | Save 1-2 hours versus traditional ELISA 

1-Step Wash | Automation-friendly, 1-step wash design versus usual 3 wash steps 

50ul Sample | 50ul Less sample required meaning more data from precious samples 

4degC Storage | Conveniently store in your lab fridge for 6 months! 

Highly Validated | Same great performance as traditional ELISA. Use in Serum, Plasma and Other Biological Samples 


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Quickstep ELISA






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