ELISA in less than 90 minutes: FastScan ELISA

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ELISA in less than 90 minutes: FastScan ELISA

Save 15 % on all FastScanTM ELISA from CST 

FastScan ELISA kits let you move through research and discovery phases faster. CST has identified optimal antibody pairs and done the assay development and validation up front to ensure your results are accurate across the lifetime of your discovery project – from target validation through preclinical phases. 


The ready-to-go kits use a simple protocol that easily integrates into your current processes and budget, streamlines assay transfer, and lets you detect targets in as little as 90 minutes. FastScan ELISA kits are similar in performance, sensitivity, and dynamic range as traditional ELISA but use solution-based sandwich ELISA method with fewer steps for faster time to results. 

FastScanTM ELISA from CST

FastScanTM ELISA kits cover disease targets in cell biology, epigenetics, immuno-oncology, and neuroscience and include a wide selection of assays to measure key cellular signaling proteins. 

  • Single-wash assay protocol reduces hands-on time and assay complexity. 
  • In-house CST testing processes make sure results are reproducible across lots and users. 
  • Validated for specificity and accuracy across biological sample types. 
  • Integrated controls ensure assay performance. 

  • FastScanTM ELISA kits – come with everything you need for 96 tests to start running assays, and kits are available for both phosphorylation-specific and total protein options. 

  • Bulk packaging – available upon request. 384-well format may also be available on a kit-by-kit basis. For more information or to order in other formats, please contact us. 


Save 15% on FastScan Kits



Kit components 

FastScan ELISA kits come with everything you need, including 
12 8-well strips for 96 tests.* Each kit contains: 

  • FastScan™ ELISA Microwell Strip Plate 
  • Capture antibody** 
  • HRP-linked Detection antibody** 
  • FastScan™ ELISA Capture Antibody Diluent 
  • FastScan™ ELISA HRP Antibody Diluent 
  • TMB Substrate 
  • STOP Solution 
  • Sealing Tape 
  • ELISA Wash Buffer (20X) 
  • FastScan™ Cell Extraction Buffer (5X) 
  • FastScan™ Cell Extraction Enhancer Solution (50X) 
  • FastScan™ ELISA Kit Positive Control** 

* Bulk packaging available upon request. 384-well format may also be available on a 
kit-by-kit basis.  

** These components are kit-specific 


Check out the current FastScan kits available in our webshop.

We’ll be adding new kits on a regular basis, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for now, check back soon or contact us! 


CST FastScan Elisa



How FastScanTM ELISA Technology Works 

FastScanTM ELISAs use a less complex, solution-based assay format with fewer overall steps, so time to results are much faster compared to conventional protocols. You’ll also get consistent results across biological sample types, with sensitivity that’s comparable or better than traditional sandwich ELISA. 

  • Sample “target” is incubated with a capture antibody conjugated with a proprietary tag and a second detection antibody linked to horse radish peroxidase (HRP). 

  • The entire complex is immobilized to a microwell via an anti-tag antibody. 

  • Wells are washed, followed by enzymatic reaction and readout of target analyte quantity by colorimetric detection. 

Fast*Scan Elisa Pathscan well


Elisa Process diagram


Data in 90 minutes 

The simple FastScan ELISA protocol cuts your hands-on 
time in half and incubation times down by 3X. Sample, along 
with capture and detection antibodies, are first added to the 
precoated microwell, then incubated for ~1 hour. The well is 
then washed 3 times. Next, substrate is added and incubated 
for 10 to 15 minutes before stop solution is added, then the 
absorbance signal is measured. The whole process only 
takes 90 minutes, so you have the results you need quickly. 


Looking for other types of ELISAs, custom kits or pairs? 

CST has a wide range of ELISA kits and matched antibody pairs to choose from such as the PathScan ELISA kits that are based on the traditional solid-phase, sandwich-based ELISA method and PathScan® Sandwich ELISA Antibody Pairs  that provide an economical alternative to the complete ELISA kits. 

CST can also custom-build ELISA products to match your specific need. You can reserve lots in advance, or set up regular deliveries for all custom ELISA products. 


Please contact us if you want to discuss your possibilities for customization. 


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